Pure-Guava: Netball and Vollyball teams

Updated 02:53 26/05/97
Netball Next Game Thursday 29 May 7pm

Volleyball Next Game Monday 26 May 7.30pm
This is the homepage for the Pure Guava Netball, Volleyball and Occasional Snowboarding teams. Like the games - we do it for fun!

Apparently, we've become world famous in New Zealand as the only Netball site (acording to Bits'n Bytes Net Guide mag) - which is a bit sad really. These pages have only one purpose - which is to let the netball and vollyball teams know when their games are on. If anyone else would like a page to let their teams know when their games are then let me know - we'll negotiate.

I was thinking of putting the rules up, for indoor, and pointing out the differences to outdoor - so if anyone has an official set of outdoor netball rules and would like to give me a copy I'd appreciate it :-)


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